“Our work is expressed in an appealing and pure sense – we like to remain relevant.”

DDI aims to create warm, rich and inviting environments for our clients. We are motivated to give expression to your individuality through the creation of an interior that represents your brand.

As a representation of what can be achieved through a blend of stylised furnishings, artwork, fabric and textures, a visit to the DDI office is a must for any prospective client. In this respect our founder, Buzwe Mabuza, has put his money where his mouth is and created an interior that defines the DDI image. His mix of African culture, coupled with ornate design finishes and furnishings, has made the DDI space a comfortable and chic working environment that inspires creative excellence.

Buzwe explains: “When you come here you don’t feel like you are in an African village; but there are some touch points, for example we have Cape Town on our entrance hall mural, we have framed African placemats in the hallway and we have the Braamfontein skyline in our design studio. So when you walk into the space, you don’t feel like you are in Paris, you feel like you are in Africa.”

As a proudly African company, we are driven to extend that heritage into our work. But gone are the days of the clichéd expression of what Africa is - at DDI we believe in incorporating what we see as the essence of Africa, namely: colour, vibrancy and energy.