“Your space is an extension of your personality.”

Through a rigorous consultation process, which allows us to completely understand who our clients are, DDI ensures that we deliver on our clients’ unique style and specific requirements. To this we add a distinctive flair which only DDI can offer.

Our aim when designing an interior for a family home is to personalise a space so it not only feels like home - comfortable, safe and inviting - but also reflects the family’s personal brand. It talks to who they are, what they stand for and what imprint they want to make on the world.

When we design interiors for private homes, we want our clients to experience their entire home through all their senses. We believe the design not only needs to be visually pleasing, but must stimulate the sense of sound through superior audio systems, excite the sense of smell through scent diffusers and freshly cut flowers, and inspire the sense of touch through rich lush textures and fabrics. Together this sensory experience helps to create a feeling of opulence within a given space.